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New report from Breast Cancer Prevention Partners reveals the hidden toxic ingredients in fragrance Products

Ever think about what’s in the fragrances we use daily, you know the ones we liberally spray, and rub onto our bodies, or those we use to scent our hair and mask the smell of sweat? Do we give a second thought to those we use to ‘clean’ our homes and ‘freshener’ our indoor air … Continue Reading ››

Grow your own Skincare

Join us for this hands-on Capital Growth session at Whetstone Stray Allotments on the 6th of October 10.30am -1.30pm where you’ll learn how to make your own medicinal balms, deodorant and other natural skincare and household cleaning products, using some common herbs and everyday ingredients. Find out more about the potentially harmful ingredients in some shop bought products and how you can reduce your exposure. You’ll take away a goodie bag of the things you’ve made.